Body Policing, Reductionism and Self-Consciousness

Body Policing, Reductionism and Self-Consciousness

How can we women love ourselves if we are taught to hide parts of us?

For as long as I can remember, I have been exposed to remarks, ideas, instructions, traditions, doctrines, rules, laws and even social media posts that dictate how a girl or a woman should and should not behave, what she can and cannot wear, when she can go out of the house, and how she should smile, laugh, cry, be angry or argue. God forbid someone comes tomorrow and tells us when and when not to breathe! Continue reading “Body Policing, Reductionism and Self-Consciousness”

Is Love Alone Sufficient?

Is Love Alone Sufficient?

We’ve all been there. We’ve had those butterflies in our stomach, racing heartbeats, weak-in-the-knees moments. It’s part of being in love where we feel like we’re constantly on a high. It’s all sunshine and breezy. Our PDA is so intense that even the word ‘mushy’ becomes an understatement. It is a time when nothing else and no one else matters because, well, let’s admit it- no one is as awesome as this person we’re holding hands with. We disappear from our circle of friends, our parents worry about us for not calling them regularly, and hell, even our work schedule changes drastically! It feels like we’re in a beautiful dream that is safely kept away from reality, and we don’t ever want it to end. I mean, who wouldn’t want nice things to stay the same way forever? Continue reading “Is Love Alone Sufficient?”

The Hypocrite Within Me

What a heinous being I am

to claim myself civilised

Only to consume another life?


Why is it that when the mind says no

the heart yearns for a one last time?

Why isn’t the heart that saved a kitten

refusing to eat meat?


Is the kitten my friend

and the chicken not?


What does this equality that I fight for even mean

when I am hypocritical

A bigot who

favours one life over the other?

Bleeding Heart

Bells are ringing

Mournful they sound

This is the death of humanity

The death of love- and peace

The world is crumbling,

under the feet of a crying child, the body of a dead mother

What has Mother Earth done

to have so much agony inflicted upon Her?

Are we but a curse?

Is this world, the place where cherry blossoms bloom ever so delicately

and caress the land below so lovingly

a world so beautiful, so magical

a playground for the destitute at heart?

Will love ever prevail again

in these times of emptiness and malice?

Or will it be a memory from yesterday?


My heart goes out to Turkey and every other place in the world that is gripped by terrorism.



Homophobia: Is existing a sin?

This post contains my personal views on a particular yet common mindset surrounding the LGBTQ community. My argument is in reference to certain social media posts that I feel are seemingly benevolent yet can be dangerously flawed. The issue at hand may or may not be related to religion. To those who are easily offended or do not wish to challenge the status quo, kindly refrain from reading further. Continue reading “Homophobia: Is existing a sin?”